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Chatham Vacation Rentals - Frequently Asked Questions and Procedures

What is your cancellation policy?
Your Lease: Your lease is a contract between you and the owner. It may not be cancelled by either party without the consent of the other. It is your assurance that the house you expect to get is the one you do get and at the price you agreed to pay. Occasionally, because of illness or other unavoidable occurrence, a tenant finds it impossible to occupy as planned. In this event we will do all in our power to find a replacement tenant for you who will assume your obligations under the lease. You must provide us with written permission to secure the replacement and the new tenant must be satisfactory to the owner. There is a re-rental fee of 15% of the total rent plus the administration fee charged to you by our office. If our office is unsuccessful in securing a replacement tenant, any refund must be negotiated between you and the property owner. There is no obligation on the owner to refund rent payments if a replacement cannot be secured for the full term of the lease. Should you encounter a problem of this sort, contact our office as soon as possible so that we can discuss these procedures in detail and get to work on your behalf.
Can I have additional visitors stay in my cottage?
Can I have guests visit for the day?
Occupancy Limits: Each owner sets an occupancy limit for his/her cottage. This limit is part of your lease and must be observed at all times. No day or overnight guests, including children, are permitted in excess of the occupancy limit as indicated on this lease. No parties or functions (including but not limited to weddings, family reunions, etc.) are permitted anywhere in the property or on the premises. Any breach of the occupancy limit will be considered a breach of the lease and recourse taken accordingly, including but not limited to additional rent monies charged and eviction without refund of rental payments. While it is a rare owner who objects to an occasional guest for dinner, the vast majority do object to all-day visitors, frequent guests in excess of the occupancy limit during the day, and at any time overnight. Violation of the occupancy limit is a serious matter and any doubts or questions you have should be discussed with us in advance.
Can I bring my family pet?
Pets: The vast majority of cottages have a "No Pet" restriction. This restriction applies to the entire premises, inside and out. Should you wish to board a pet locally, we can give you the names of kennels nearby. Where pets are permitted, they are expected to be quiet, well-behaved and trained. Leash laws are in effect in our towns, and pets are not permitted on the beaches. The tenant is responsible for any damage, mess, odor, infestation or disturbance caused by their pet.
Should you or anyone at the property breach this term, you shall be subject to additional rent monies charged and eviction without refund of rental payments.
Am I responsible for cleaning my cottage?
What am I responsible for cleaning?
When departing please remember to leave the property per the check list given to you when you arrived (or just look on the outside of the welcome envelope).
Cleaning: Each tenant, as part of the lease agreement, is responsible for leaving the property broom swept and ready for the cleaning company to thoroughly clean by 10:00AM. Should you occupy a cottage that has not been adequately cleaned, contact our office immediately. DO NOT WAIT! A member of our staff will go to your cottage and arrange for whatever is necessary to make things right.
Housekeeping: Please complete the following housekeeping before leaving (please also refer to the Welcome Letter in the cottage if there is one):
Bath/Kitchen: Empty the refrigerator and trash and medicine cabinet. Please remove all used soap.
Trash: Empty all waste baskets and put in outside containers.
Linens: If the house provides linens, it is encouraged that you start the laundry and leave the rest for the cleaners. If you are renting linens, you are responsible for returning them to our office.
What time is check-in and check-out?
Can I check into my cottage early?
What if I am arriving after 5:00 PM?
Check -In: All arriving tenants must come to the office first to pick up keys and receive directions to the cottage. The check-in time for your cottage is 3:00 PM unless otherwise stated in your lease and is important for many reasons. Since both we and those who service the cottages have much to do during the short time available between departing and arriving tenants, your cooperation in not seeking early entry will be appreciated.

Check-Out: Check out time is at 10:00 AM. Return keys to our office promptly at 10:00. Failure to depart on time may result in a penalty fee. Loss of keys, lockouts at any time, or failure to return keys to the office of Chatham Vacation Rentals at 1291 Main Street, The Cornfield Marketplace, Chatham, MA on departure will result in a minimum $50 charge.

Early Check-Out: If departing early, you can drop the key in the bin outside the front door of our office.

Late Arrival: Please notify us in advance if you are delayed and will be arriving after 5:00 PM, or on a Sunday or holiday. If you are late, come to the office; instructions will be left for you in a bin outside the front door. If you can not pick up your keys in person, you must notify us who will be picking the keys up in your place. Chatham Vacation Rentals will not give the key to anyone except the person named on the lease or the person stated in the letter of authorization from the leasee.

Early Arrival: (See "Check-in" above). Early check-in at the cottage is normally impossible and since our entire staff is heavily engaged with the many details that must be attended during the changeover period, we ask that you avoid coming to the office prior to your check-in time. If you are early, you may wish to do your food shopping as most stores are more crowded later in the day. There is a major super-market, Stop & Shop, located on Rte 137 and a smaller grocery store, The Chatham Village Market, on Main Street east of our office, or you can enjoy the view, stretch your legs and let the kids run on the beach.
What if I do not like my cottage when I arrive?
Is the kitchen fully equipped with pots & pans?
What to Expect From Your Cottage: First of all, we tend to call everything a "cottage," from the tiniest cottage, to a townhouse condominium, to an elegant year-round home with everything but a live-in maid. We endeavor to represent all of our cottages accurately and, with many of our rentals made sight unseen, we take this responsibility seriously. As one of Cape Cod's foremost rental agents, we know that our continued success depends on the happy union of satisfied owners and tenants. A clean cottage, as discussed previously, is of paramount importance; and while we know there will be irresponsible tenants from time to time, we do not expect you to live with someone else's dirt. Every cottage will have features you like and possibly some you don't like. We urge you to share your reactions with us, both to aid in selecting future cottages for you and to let our owners know how people feel about the accommodations provided. We highly recommend that you view the property in advance of making a reservation. Reservations will not be made contingent upon you viewing the property. If you or a representative is unable to view the property before making a lease and beginning tenancy, you will have no recourse if you feel that the property does not fit your "mental picture." Chatham Vacation Rentals will not be liable for changes in equipment and furnishings, misinformation or typographical errors in property description or website.

Do I need to bring my own linens?
What do I need to bring?
What to Bring: You must provide your own sheets, pillow cases, towels, table linens and any other consumable products. Most everything else you need for basic housekeeping is provided including at least one blanket per bed. The cottages we handle are individually owned and thus reflect the tastes and needs of each owner. It is impossible for us to know the firmness of every mattress, the number and size of every pot and pan and the like. We try to keep track of such things as toasters, irons, lobster pots, coffee pots, beach chairs, etc., and will answer questions regarding their probable availability as best we can. Many owners do provide all or some of these things, but they may also break or disappear without our knowing. Therefore, neither we nor our owners guarantee the availability or continued operation of miscellaneous items of this sort. If any of these things is critical to your vacation enjoyment, you should bring it with you.

What is the telephone number of my cottage?
Are there telephones in the cottages?
Telephones: Some of the cottages have a telephone which is provided as a convenience by the owner. All TOLL CALLS (any time you must dial "1" or "0") must be charged by the tenants TO THEIR HOME PHONE OR CREDIT CARD. Avoid having any toll charges show up on the owners' phone bill. It is very inconvenient for the owner. If we must collect toll charges from you, you will be charged a fee by our office. Whenever possible, we will indicate the cottage phone number on the front page of your lease. These numbers are subject to change without our knowledge. Therefore, if you leave the number with someone at home or your office, also leave the owner's name and cottage address (see your lease) so that the information operator can be called if the number has been changed. We are not responsible for changes in property telephone numbers.

Can I receive mail at the property?
Mail & Messages: Chatham Vacation Rentals cannot deliver mail or messages. If you wish mail service, this can be arranged through the Post Office in the village in which you are staying. Since the services provided vary with the size of the branch, you should contact them by phone in advance. Numbers are available from the information operator under "United States Postal Service" for the village shown on your lease. In most instances you will have to go to the Post Office to pick up your mail. If you do leave our name and address with someone, you should stop by the office frequently to check for messages. We will not deliver messages except in cases of bona fide personal emergency.

How do I get to your office?
Your Vacation Begins at: 1291 Main Street, The Cornfield Market Place Chatham, MA. Take Exit 11 from the Mid-Cape Highway (Route 6) to Route 137. Take Route 137 South (left) toward Chatham. Go straight through first traffic light (Route 39) and the second light (Hess Station) and continue south on Route 137. At the third intersection (4-way stop), go straight. Continue straight on Route 137 until you reach the END of Route 137, where it intersects with Route 28. Turn LEFT onto Route 28 (Main Street). Travel approximately 3 miles to 1291 Main Street (on your right in the Cornfield Marketplace). Driving time from the canal to our office is about 45 minutes.
Can I pay my balance when I arrive?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What happens if I bounce a check?
Deposit Payments: 50% of the total rent plus the administration fee is due 7 days from lease generation, which is clearly outlined on the front page of your lease. Failure to pay your initial deposit on the due date will result in the automatic cancellation of your lease.

Balance Payments: All rent balances are due and payable 60 days prior to the date set for occupancy in your lease. Balance checks should be payable to Chatham Vacation Rentals and in the exact amount due. (If drawn on a foreign bank account, they must be clearly marked with a US address on the face of the check.) Personal checks and Travelers checks are preferred, however, we ask that you avoid paying in cash. If a U.S. account is not available to you, please pay by traveler check, wire transfer. You may pay by credit card but please note that all payments by credit card will incur a 4% convenience fee. Wire transfers will also incur fees which vary depeding upon the banks.

It is regrettable but true that we receive a certain number of checks each year that are returned for "insufficient funds." We beg your cooperation in avoiding the embarrassing and time consuming process involved in following up on "bouncing" checks. A fee of $40 will be assessed for any check returned to us "uncollected."
How will my family contact me in the event of an emergency?
Emergency Contact: When leaving emergency contact instructions at home, be sure to include the owner's name and complete cottage address, as well as our name and number.

The number for the Chatham Police is: 508-945-1213.

Usually, those at home will locate you faster by attempting to reach us first. All of our records are maintained in the name of the tenant shown on your lease. Any person staying with you with a different surname should be sure to leave the tenants' name behind for ease in locating in case of emergency.
Where can I obtain a beach sticker?
Is a beach sticker included in my rent?
Beach Stickers: Most public beaches require a parking permit on a daily, weekly or longer basis. The cost of the parking sticker is NOT included in your rent. They must be purchased, by those who want them, at locations designated by the various towns. No permit is required for those who walk to the beach, or at certain smaller beaches which have very limited parking facilities. Stickers are typically issued based upon auto registration and are not transferable from one tenant to another.
What does the Damage Waiver Cover?
Damage Waiver Information: The Damage Waiver is a non-refundable fee intended to protect the tenant from any accidental damage done to the rental property during their stay. The waiver will cover accidental damage for up to ten times the amount of the ADP fee for all guests staying at the property.

It does NOT cover:
  1. Wanton Behavior including intentional acts, gross negligence or willful conduct.
  2. Evidence of and/or damage caused by pets (typically pets are not allowed at properties).
  3. Damage done by unauthorized groups.
  4. Any equipment or personal property damaged or lost that was brought by the tenant to the property.
  5. Normal wear & tear.
  6. Any damage caused by a violation of Chatham Vacation Rentals Rules & Regulations or in an action that violates local, state or federal laws.
  7. Acts of God.


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